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Hi All,

Its been quite a while since i last updated my blog! So i thought it was about time i got up to scratch with my travels and filled you in on what I've been doing!

After Koh Tao my next stop was Chiang Mai which unfortunatley was at the very north of Thailand, unlike Ko Tao were it is deep south of Thailand. After 36 Hours of travelling catching a boat, saganthew and 2 trains myself and Adam had arrived in Chiang Mai at around 8 o'clock local time. Tired and extremley hungry our first action was to find a place to sleep for the night, trailing the streets of the city we stumbled upon our first choice of hostel, which was full but luckily had beds available the next day so we booked up with that hostel and headed over to another for the night, but at least we were sorted for the 4 days we were there for and paying a whooping $2 a night we'd had a right result!

On the first day in Chiang Mai after showering for the first time in 36 hours we decided to head out and do some cultural traveling stuff, this involved us walking around looking at the 200 and something temples that Chiang Mai had to offer! Deciding that we weren't gonna see all 200 of them we decided to pick the biggest ones we could find to have a look around. The temples themselves are absolutely incredible buildings covered head to toe in gold and with dragons and Buddhas sloted all over the place. Though saying that whilst every tourist was in awe of these great big sacred temples, i found myself outside the building calculating how many solar panels i could fit on the roof!! (what a geek!, but old habits die hard i guess, Cheers Solar advanced) Anyway after looking around 3 of the temples and just about to call it a day we bumped into this really friendly local who gave us some advice on the areas of Chiang mai that was really useful and he suggested that we go to see this temple a bit out of town but was made of complete silver (not normal apparently) and was supposed to be very sacred and important to the buddhist religion, and true to the locals word the temple was the best one by far, it wasn't very big but it was head to toe silver and we even got a glimpse of the monks building some of the silver artwork for the temple which was pretty cool! after that we headed back to our hostel for some food and to suss out the night life, which at first seem not exsistent as there were quite a lot of old people around but then we found this little square called the yellow square and that's were all the cool, hip travellers hanged out, so naturally i fitted in no troubles!

The next day we booked up for our elephant riding trip and outdoor bonaza so our second was spent mooching around in hammocks and playing pool ready for our early start for the next day. At 7am we got picked up by our Mini Bus to take us up to the jungle/forest whatever it was to start our day. The first thing we did was the elephant riding, which was amazing! we got about a 40 minute ride on the elephant scaling through the jungle and we even got a chance to stop and sit on the elephants neck and feed it which was just absolutely fantastic and something i will keep and remember for the rest of my life! anyway the fun didn't stop there next we got to zip line our way down the hill over 16 stations 1'800k long and that was pretty awesome too! then we got to go white water rafting which was OK but very mediaoce as the rapids were about 10m long and about 5 minutes in between so it could have been better. Finally on our way back to the city we stopped off at the blue lagoon close by which was just picture perfect and the water was so refreshing, that was a great way to round off what had been an pretty epic day!

The next day we met up with the Dutch people that we had met down in the Islands and spent the day chilling with and going out for dinner and then to the yellow square for a night on the Buckets which was great fun! and on a spur of the moment we decided to go visit Tiger Kingdom the next day and go man handle some Tigers!

Waking up the next day with a sore head and not much recollection after the 1st bucket of the night and a wrist band on me saying ' I am Lady Boy' i realised that i had agreed to go get in a cage with a tiger! my first thought was of excitement at the fact i was gonna get up close and personal with a tiger. That all changed as soon as i got to the center, deciding on what options i wanted to do I.E. have pictures with Big, Medium, Small and the cubs, i thought i go see what the tigers looked like and the first pen i saw was the one with all the Big Tigers then i thought "Shit! that tiger is really big!" After flicking between doing it and not doing it, i thought back to an old uni saying "Tommy Gun man the f**k UP!" so i did that pick my package and went in for it, luckily Adam had picked the same package as me so it weren't so bad and if it weren't for Adam keeping his calm i would of bottled it, i was freaking out! and my heart was racing like hell. But once i was in the cage with the Tiger i was surprisingly calm and it was just incredible to be up and close with such a beast! after the big tiger came the small tigers who were 5 months old and that was brilliant as they were so playful.

After that it was time to decide were to go next i had heard some really cool things about a place called Pai which was suppose to be a real hippy and relaxed town, but also i needed to be out of Thailand within 5 days so i decided to skip Pai and go back to it when i next visit Thailand and head to Luang Prabang, Laos by slow boat! which i booked up and set off the next day and at the same time parting ways with Adam who was going to Singapore. So once again i was on my own heading into another country!!

Tommy Gun

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